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04.25.17 by Erin Epperson

Once a year, the Thousand Waves community comes together for our Spirit Challenge Fundraiser. Adults, teens, parents and child members, alums, self-defense graduates, and friends of our organization raise funds so we can continue to deliver our violence prevention programs all over the city,  provide scholarships for all of our programs, and run our Adapted Seido Karate program for children with disabilities, and. This year, our Spirit Challenge fundraising goal is $125,000, and a huge portion of that goes to our self-defense program – can you donate $25 to support our work?

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely benefited from one of our self-defense trainings.  A $25 donation is enough to support a community member who wants to attend one of our onsite single-session workshops.  Did you know that we waive that fee upon request?  Of course, our 12-hour trainings cost more.  If it’s within your budget, a $200 donation will support a participant in one of our 12-hour trainings.  Can you help someone else learn self-defense?

If you’ve been in one of our workshops or courses, you know that  we teach the skills of conflict resolution and verbal peace-making from the get-go. We teach that in a troubled world it is imperative to examine the origins of violence, both in others and ourselves, and work, in whatever ways we can, small and large, to mitigate it.  We also teach people to protect themselves in emergency situations.  When you’re working towards peacemaking, you know that you can’t do it by yourself.  We want people to feel safe, strong, and respected so that they can in turn be peacemakers in their own communities.  Can you help us?

We work with teens to give them strategies against bullying. We partner with organizations all over the city of Chicago serving victims of domestic violence, homeless and insecurely housed youth, LGBTQ organizations, immigrants and refugees, college-aged women, and others across the spectrum of gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation.  The full fee for a 3-hour program in the community is $600.  When organizations can’t afford our full fees, we offer them a scholarship.  A $300 donation will enable us to give a 50% scholarship to a cash-strapped organization that is doing good work.  Can you be a part of that?

So far this year, we’ve already served over 600 people in 22 different programs. We’ve been especially happy to provide free bystander intervention trainings in response to heightened community demand.  We’ve offered 3 of these programs to date, with 2 more on the calendar for the rest of 2017.  Even when we do charge for our self-defense programs, we don’t begin to recover our costs.   We’re on track to have a record-breaking year, and we can only continue to support this level of service delivery with your help.   Fully half of this year’s Spirit Challenge Fundraiser will support the Violence Prevention and Self-Defense program.    Show your support now!

Thank you for your support of Thousand Waves!


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