October 2014

Once You Know You Are Strong, You Can You Be Peaceful

10.29.14 by Amy Jones

Strides for Peace, a new foundation set up to combat gun violence in Chicago, held its first 5K/10K/2 mile walk in 2014. Thousand Waves was an inaugural sponsor, and as Nancy and I walked into Soldier Field on the cold and rainy morning of October 2nd, I was musing on the connections between martial arts and self-defense – and peacemaking more generally. I muttered to myself, “Once you know you are strong, you can be peaceful.” “What did you say?” asked Nancy, and I repeated myself. “Where does it say that?” she asked. “Oh – nowhere,” I said. But even though it’s not often written, it’s something that we at Thousand Waves know intuitively.

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How important is physical fitness to effective self-defense?

10.05.14 by Amy Jones

Not long after I started working full-time as Thousand Waves’ program manager for self-defense, we got a call from a student reporter who was working on an article about self-defense. I didn’t take the call — it was literally my first or second day, I didn’t feel ready to dive in and talk to the press quite yet. So our founder and co-executive director, Nancy Lanoue, spoke to him. Apparently one of his questions was, “What is the optimal level of physical fitness you need in order to defend yourself?”

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