Self-Defense for You

 12-Hour Self-Defense Courses

12-Hour Self-Defense Course

Next Course: April Intensive

Friday, April 13, 6-9 PM

Sat & Sun, April 14th & 15th, 1:30 – 6:00 PM

Open to women, teen girls, and female-identified people ages 12+


    • $150: students
    • $175: Bring-a-friend ($350 for two, pay for both at once)
    • $200: non-students

Scholarship assistance available

These in-depth courses are 12 hours, and are offered in a variety of formats, all consisting of multiple sessions of 3 or 4 hours each. Each session, students have the opportunity to practice physical skills, awareness skills, verbal skills, and social skills that will enhance their safety in a variety of situations both with strangers, and people they know.

Specific topics include:

  • Peaceful conflict resolution
  • Dealing with harassment
  • Recognizing red flags in intimate relationships
  • Defending yourself against a physical or sexual assault
  • Facing an armed assailant
  • Releases from grabs
  • Fighting from the ground
  • Intervening safely when others are the target of violence

Course Schedule


    Self-Defense Workshops

    Self-Defense Workshops

    Next workshop:

    Self-Defense and Bystander Intervention

    Sun March 4th

    1:30- 4:30 PM

    Open to people of all genders, ages 12 and up.

    Empowerment Self-Defense Workshops

    Open to all genders, adults and teens 12 and up

    This overview of self-defense introduces participants to the Five Finger model (Think, Yell, Run, Fight, Tell) and introduces options to respond to violence from intimates, acquaintances, and strangers.

    Specific areas of focus include:

    • Awareness and mindset strategies that increase safety
    • Assertive verbal and nonverbal communication strategies
    • Positioning strategies to maximize safety in a variety of situations
    • Easy-to-learn physical techniques designed to be effective against larger and stronger assailants
    • Healing strategies to regain a sense of safety in the aftermath of violence

    Self-Defense and Bystander Intervention Workshops

    Open to adults and teens of all genders, ages 12 and up

    Though our self-defense workshops all cover bystander intervention, these 3-hour workshops place a special focus on using our self-defense skills on behalf of others.Students learn how to apply the Five Fingers of Self-Defense: Think Yell Run Fight Tell to protect themselves or their allies from situations of disrespect, harassment, or violence. Through discussion, interactive activities, and hands-on practice, participants gain skills to maximize their safety and to advocated for targeted communities in a variety of situations.

    Specific areas of focus include:

    • Assertive communication and de-escalation skills to challenge Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia, racism, and other bigoted speech
    • Bystander intervention techniques
    • Easy-to-learn physical techniques to fight back against physical or sexual assault
    • Healing in the aftermath of violence
    • How to be an advocate for targeted communities


      Inquiries about courses and workshops or scholarship assistance please contact:

      Amy L. E. Jones, LSW – Violence Prevention and Self-Defense Program Manager

      Email: / Phone: 773-472-7663