Why Have a Self-Defense Blog?

06.24.16 by Amy Jones

Welcome to the Thousand Waves Self-Defense & Violence Prevention blog! Lots of martial arts schools have self-defense programs; fewer of them have a program that is robust enough to support a blog. For many of them, self-defense is “martial arts lite,” with instructors who mostly consider ‘self-defense’ to be an introduction to their martial art.

Thousand Waves understands self-defense to be a completely different, if closely related, endeavor. If you take an introductory trial karate class at Thousand Waves, you’ll hopefully have fun, you’ll get a good workout, and you’ll be introduced to the fundamentals of the art – but one class will not help you much in reducing violence in your life. For one thing, you won’t have mastered any of the techniques. For another, fighting techniques are really only useful in a relatively small subset of violent encounters, especially violence against women, which is often committed by perpetrators that the victim isn’t willing to harm (since most violence against women isn’t perpetrated by strangers).

This reality was understood by our founders and their colleagues some thirty years ago, and is still understood by us today. So empowerment-based self-defense was born, and continues to evolve. There’s a lot there, and we’ll use this blog to explore many aspects of it: the history, the application, and the theory behind it all. What do you want to read about? Tell us in the comments!

This blog will also serve as the archive for our newsletter. Subscribe to the newsletter and you’ll get all-new content quarterly, plus reminders about upcoming programs, etc. Or RSS or subscribe to the blog, and you’ll get the newsletter articles as well as blog posts as they’re published. I hope you’ll find this to be a useful resource.

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